I am free!!! My finals just ended last night with the closure of the VCU fashion show at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. I have taken this entire day to relax and unwind as a personal reward—I mean, I did also purchase some sunglasses. Overall, I am happy with how this semester turned out. I was recognized by VCU’s fashion’s department head as the outstanding fashion design student for the sophomore class. I do not think this honor came with any money, but sometimes all that is really desired is the recognition. This honor was such a wonderful surprise for me that helped me finish my school year strong. I will be posting my finals soon hopefully. But, once again, I am backed up with things that need to be posted first! This is always a good thing though, I would rather have more content to post than not enough.

Circling back to the fashion show; I was there as a dresser backstage. The entire sophomore class was required to participate as head dressers for the show. We were responsible for helping the models dress so that nothing ripped or was put on incorrectly. Some may think this is a simple task, but looking at it as a designer myself, it is an incredibly daunting thought. You could destroy the garment that a senior had been working on all year, or not send it out as intended, therefore ruining the effect that the senior had worked hard to create. When I become a senior, I hope that whoever is dressing the model with my clothes will take great care, basically guarding the garment with their lives. There was one garment that ripped for another dresser unfortunately. They had to sew the model into the skirt in order to send it down the runway. But I suppose this is not uncommon within fashion shows.

I am so happy to be relieved of that show, as well as my finals so I can sleep and relax once again for a good two and half months. I wanted to post some pictures of my outfits from finals and some from the fashion show as well!

This is my mock Dorothy top, I will most likely do another photoshoot with this top! I love it too much to have it only exist here!!!!
This top is fairy goals all the way!!!
When you go to art school, anywhere you might be judged or critiqued, or even just…the world, sometimes its a good idea to take the precautionary step of wearing your evil eyes to ward off all the evil and negativity before it even reaches you. Long story short, I wore my evil eyes to crit!
This was me yesterday morning for my final crit. I am a bit worn and torn but overall, I made it out alive and not looking like a complete mess!!!
I would also like to do a proper tee-shirt Tuesday with this top that was given to us for helping with the show because I kinda love it!!!
The commotion backstage, and the show has not even started yet!!! But you can tell we really were at a museum.
This is a detail shot that a model allowed me to take, I wish I knew the model or the designer but I just was not paying attention! But is it not absolutely gorgeous!!!
This was literally at the end of the night. My co-dresser and I had to take a quick shot!


This weekend, I did something very few in the U.S. can say they did. I attended a BTS concert with my roommate, Clara! If you are unfamiliar with BTS or kpop in general, all you need to know is that they are a bunch of beautiful boys(I say beautiful because there is really no other way to describe them, they just are) who sing, dance, and rap like you have ever seen(and do it all flawlessly), and, the main reason why I, specifically, am able to take something away from them, their fashion is perfect. The band is composed of seven members, Jungkook, V, Jimin, J-Hope, Suga, Rap Mon(the leader), and Jin. They recently released an album(and then a follow up album immediately after) that prompted their Wings tour. And for this tour, they were finally able to make it to the United States. Circling back, I said that I did something not many Americans can say they did because BTS(and kpop bands in general) rarely comes to the U.S.

I was so excited to see them and experience what I and many others believe to be a rising genre of music. Kpop is influencing many cultural aspects around the world, the biggest of which, being fashion. And even if you cannot understand the lyrics or simply do not like kpop, it is hard to deny the growing popularity.

I was able to document a little bit but I was mostly focusing on the experience. I will also include some links to the songs and videos that I love the most, but I would recommend looking into all of their work. It becomes addictive after a certain point! But it is well worth it for the inspiration of music, dance, film, concept, and of course, fashion!

They were handing these out while I was waiting in the line as part of the fan project. The hope was that everyone would hold these up during “Spring Day” and “21st Century Girl”


I was not willing to wait behind hundreds of other bts fans to pose for picture with their cutouts, maybe if they were there themselves that would be a different story. But then, I am pretty sure someone would get hurt for that to happen!





Still at the beach, and I honestly do not want to leave!

I went out with my father this morning to run a few errands. You know your father is obsessed with Kitty Hawk when he just has to go to the visitor center and stock up on every leisure brochure and map ever made! But I do not mind indulging my dad in all of his Carolina guilty pleasures, as all of them end in enjoyment and delight.

At the visitor center, there is a separate little trail that leads to the Monument to Flight, which is basically this sculpture dedicated to the evolution of flight. As North Carolina is home to one of the greatest contributions of technological innovations in human history, or flight, they are quite proud of their history. And as their license plates will tell you, North Carolinians are obsessed with the concept of flight. I was joking with my father earlier that the monument was the North Carolinian Stone Henge, or something out of Brave, the Pixar movie. From where the stones’ placement begins corresponding to the start of flight in 1903 with the Wright Brothers, the stones then grow in height with more time and progress and seem to ascend closer to the sky! I really appreciate that motif:)

I imagine this wonderful wind was similar to how it must have felt back in 1903. The wind here was what sealed the deal for the Wright Brothers to unleash their legendary invention here, in humble Kitty Hawk.



I am the first one to admit I am not the strongest sewer, or pattern-maker, or anything technical involving even the slightest inkling of math. I draw. I can draw coroquis(fashion illustration) all day, every day. But we had to make a basic straight skirt first from draping, then transferring that drape onto pattern paper, only to then once again transfer it to fabric again. Now we are just starting off with the pattern paper which frankly, is my favorite method.

My hope through these types of posts is more for me to look back on it, read it, and become flushed with embarrassment over how hard I used to think something was, and feel proud over how I can do things that used to take me all night in a few hours, or less if I am lucky. Speaking of which, I am writing this post going into my 48 hour marathon in which I have not slept because I was working of this skirt literally all through the night. But at least I had something to turn in:)

Looking over all of our skirts 


I do not think I have made it clear that, although I am a born and bred Baltimore girl, I am going back to Richmond for my second year of school in my major of fashion design. I go back at the end of this week—so yea. It is hard going to school out of state. I feel as though I have to give up so many things every time I leave each place. I might add, however, that it is completely worth it too. You get a change of pace, scenery, and perspective. And for me, it is worth paying extra to escape graduating high school only to go to an extended high school with the same faces, same town, and basically same person you were in high school. But some people are all for that, and that is also fine.

Anyways, I am starting to pack. And this kind of packing is different than it was for freshman year because now I have an apartment! So almost all of my room is coming with me this time. I am starting to feel all of the feels seeing my room gradually disappearing.

I look at my family and friends like I will never see them again—even though I will and I am just a dramatic one. The one creature, however, that I am not overreacting about missing is my blonde beauty, my universe center, my Pebblekins, my puppy, Pebbles.IMG_1878IMG_2208IMG_1929IMG_2207

How does one leave this behind? It is a skill I have yet to master, nor do I care to. She is my best friend and never-failing clown. She is a pure bred Cairn Terrier, basically a blonde Toto(from the Wizard of Oz). She is incredibly athletic and will chase any tennis ball thrown for her until she drops. A lot of Cairns usually look more stout, but Pebbles has a leaner look to her, I always thought she looked more fox-like. Which only leads me to love her that much more because I have an obsession with Fennec Foxes, and Pebbles is that in a dog to me. While not the softest fur, Cairns have a utilitarian double coat that is waterproof and allows them to be harder to attack. Although she has bonded with my family as a “pack dog”, Cairns are notoriously independent and stubborn, to which Pebbles has also conformed. This dog is my drug because no matter what happens, with her, it doesn’t matter, life is good. And once again, I will miss her so much!!!