Leaving Germany for now and moving on to Copenhagen. Just thought I would share a quick snap while on the ferry. It was an entertaining ferry ride however, as I had never been riding on a train, only to immediately pull into ferry. I did not know ferries did that or were even big enough for that! But sure enough, away we went from train, to ferry, back to train, and then to bus for the final leg of the journey to Copenhagen. IMG_1891



The next stop on our European journey was the second largest city of Germany in Hamburg. We were there for one reason and one reason only, to go see the world’s largest miniature museum. I will share my post about that shortly, because it really does require it’s own post as it was a genuine blast. While we were in Hamburg, we hunted for hamburgers which, oddly enough, were harder to find than one would think.

But here we are, gourmet hamburgers, made from 100% prime American grown human meat (my father really hated that joke but I can’t help it, I think it’s clever).IMG_1835IMG_1838IMG_1707IMG_1708

Also I picked up my German Vogue, so now I have Netherlands and Germany!


The Dutch really pride themselves on their people, as they should. My family and I stayed at the Rembrandt hotel while we were in Amsterdam. Just thought I should bring it up since the room was so aesthetic. I feel that I truly did have the whole Dutch experience given that I was sleeping under Rembrandt every night!



Apparently we caught the windmill bug after we saw the little city windmill earlier. We just thought, this is not nearly enough mills. The thing about traveling anywhere with my mother is that she wants the full fairytale, stereotypical experience of anywhere she goes. That is not always the worst way to be. But it not always the goal when you want to feel the current vibe of the city the way the locals see it.

But we are here for the touristy things at the moment. So we ended up here at Zaanse Schans just outside of Amsterdam to understand all of the most Dutch Ducthings that ever Dutched. We basically double dutched through all of Holland. I finally learned what delft is(previously I thought all blue and white floral patterns were considered just China), and we saw too many clogs, tulips, and cheese to even process.


Does anyone know what a size US 9 would be in European sizes? I really want to buy some clogs!
I do not think Cal knew his size either!!!


Just the most amazing amount of clogs making this pattern on the wall as they were hung up. It is crazy, given how colorful these pieces of wood look, that they were used only for the purpose of working on soggy farmland. But the clogs were so beautiful that I wanted to take so many photos of just how they looked from far away.


Honestly tourist gold but I do not hate it! It is like the crown jewels of the Netherlands!
Well it was pretty hard to ignore that delft


I do not think it would be possible to starve in the Netherlands because there are so many free cheese samples all over the place. They just really want you to taste their cheese. I mean they probably want you to buy it too but…oh well!


Every part of these place was beautiful despite the gray and rainy day. Even the marshy land was absolutely picturesque.


And of course we ended our little day trip in the famous Amsterdam Centraal station with the letters of the city spelled out in red and yellow on top of the station. I think I would have missed this if we had not gown out by bus. And that was actually really spectacular to see. And, of course, it made for some beautiful pictures with that nice worm’s eye view.



Our morning in Amsterdam begins with the great hunt for food as per usual. The thing about Dutch breakfast/bring cafés, that I suppose is not much different from the rest of the world but it seemed more pronounced here, was how tiny the restaurants were for sitting and enjoying. We tried one café first and were promptly turned away due to lack of space. The next one we went to was luckily nearby and we were fortunate because it had a second floor. This second floor was so nice for viewing the street below as well as the canals. And we got to this café right as the only couple on the second floor was leaving and so therefore, I quickly managed to get in a cute little cafe photoshoot with the large windows.


My family and I then took our rented bikes and found our way to the Rijks Museum to see some works by some of the mot amazing Dutch old masters such as Rembrant and Vermeer. IMG_1549

Of course behind the museum there are more opportunities for photos with the giant I AMSTERDAM letters, the large pond and the little garden.

So many greedy tourists were hogging all of the letters. People just do not care about your cute photos so long as they get their cute photo. This one girl would not move from the letter D even though I was standing there for a good two minutes.



I would like to believe that I am finally figuring out how to conquer airports. I am deathly afraid of taxi scams now thanks to watching dozens of Youtube videos related to the tragedy in various airports. But when I arrived in Amsterdam and met up with my dad, we took a bus, a subway, and a tram all to get to our hotel. It makes me feel savvy. First thing you notice about Amsterdam is all the bicycles and their never-ending bell-ringing at you to move out of their way. It is a bit of culture shock to see that bicyclists have greater rights than both pedestrians and motorists. Amsterdam is incredibly accommodating to cyclists as the city has a million different bike paths. IMG_1494

The second thing that I noticed from Amsterdam(which really should have been the first but it was not as loud and obnoxious as people on bikes) was the amazing canals all throughout the city. I suppose this is why they call it the Venice of the north, because it really is a floating city—with all the same sinking risks of Venice too! But the city views were everything I wanted from the city because every angle looking down the canal with the building wrapping around it looked like a work of art. I could very easily imagine Vermeer or Rembrandt getting so much inspiration from the city. IMG_1536

My family and I ended up stopping at a few different grocery/market type places in deep search of food as always. We went to this little one called Hema, the one that was the most our style was Albert Heijn, and then this one, Marqt, the fanciest and most aesthetic of the three. I just had to take a pic with that sign, it was calling my name.


This windmill was just a little one in the city, we went to more and bigger windmills. But still, it is just something you have to do as a tourist in Amsterdam is pose with all of the windmills



From my first time in Scotland back in 2015 to now being here, apparently I never knew that the best spot to take photos was literally right on top of Waverly Station…aka the station I have now been going in and out of at least 10 times. I suppose i cannot be too hard on myself the first time I was there. The train station was the very first and very last place we went. However, we did spend a decent amount of time shopping around in the Princes Street Mall.

But of course the one time I go to Edinburgh with my friend who lives there, the first place she takes me because of my giant camera was like the best, simplest vista point. She just took me right up on top of the station. And even though there were nice little benches set up for people who want to overlook the city…no one was there. You literally could not ask for a better place to take photos; I was so in awe! Always travel with a local if you want the best shots!