I am so deep into the semester that I am growing so lazy of leisure. The things that need to get done get priority and then everything else gets chipped away at slowly. But so is the life of a fashion design student. I know that I have already shared this top that I altered from my father’s shirt, but I still really wanted to show it off!

This time however, I wanted to take my top to it’s masculine roots and give it a preppy edge. The theme of this look was French private school boy from the 30s. Then again, the top still features plenty of fraying along the raw edges so an element of grunge sneaks it’s way in. I paired my top with my mid-thigh wool shorts which definitely bring in that 30s schoolboy look. It is hard to wear these shorts however as they can so easily make me feel too masculine if I do not wear them with some type of heeled shoe. So I wore my pleather black heeled booties that elevate pretty much every outfit. And the finishing touch was using a black ribbon as my tie. I actually really love the concept of tying ribbons as ties. But I need to actually learn how to tie them and not ask my father every time. It resembled the skinny tie made famous by the Beatles. All I need to do is pull my hair back into a slick ponytail to complete the whole vision.




Unfortunately, the exhibit closed September 4 so I am sharing old photos. However, the exhibit was so beautiful that I have to document it.

All summer, I was waiting to see the Rei Kawakubo, Art of the In-Between exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of art in New York City. Finally, my family was able to indulge me with a long awaited weekend trip to the city. When you are a fashion major, exhibits like this are worth an entire mini-vacation. And boy, was it worth it!

Rei Kawakubo is first and foremost, my all-time favorite designer. She is the founder of the design house, Comme des Garçons, which means “like the boys” in French. I consider her work to be some of the most complex, meaningful, impactful, and visually stunning that I have ever come across. I believe her to be a feminist in the design world and if nothing else, a true artist. Something I hope to emulate in my designs as well as she does is her eye for detail and her storytelling. I could go on for hours about her and her legacy but I would recommend researching her further because there is so much to learn about her designs.

I decided to wear a new top that I had just altered that was my father’s work short and then I added some ruffles to it. i am quite pleased with how it turned out. I wanted to wear something with a lot of drama to attempt to match the type of drama seen in Kawakubo’s designs. I strongly emphasize the word “attempt” however, because I honestly do not know how to match the drama and boldness that is Comme des Garçons. But I was dressed slightly more eccentric than your average museum visitor, so that was nice:)

I hope to design clothing that makes the wearer feel and look like they are from another planet! Much like these wonderful ladies look like aliens in the best way possible.


This jacket has two sets of sleeves and I am still in awe. Who even comes up with stuff like that?


This collection featured garments that are a bunch of different fabrics sewn together.
I had to get some shots down in the subway before I left. The subway stations are a lot nicer than I remember. I am quite proud of good ole’ NYC!



Sherwood Gardens, you will not look the same when I return home again. Taking winter’s lead, you will slowly desaturate yourself until you fade completely to greyscale.

As sound as it sounds right now, Sherwood Gardens, I think you will be right on trend.

Personally, I am already seeing my wardrobe shedding colors since this moment of peak bright colors. I wore my teal tee-shirt once again and already it seemed too bright for this moment in late summer/fall. Hopefully when I do return home again, I will come back to Sherwood Gardens and take many more pictures. The gardens and I will still be matching in our desaturated winter looks:)


Goodbye my photo husband; you were the only man to match clothes with me so perfectly!
Well here is my bag trying to be extra. Just hurling itself into matching flowers wherever they are!


Can I be Titania, the fairy queen, so that I can return to midsummer? I do not want this summer to end, nor do I want to say goodbye to my amazing friends. But I suppose I must go back to school to see all of my other friends.

I received an old white lacy gown(see pictured below) from my friend, Kara. Since I cannot easily pull off a white gown in my everyday wardrobe, so I deconstructed it to fashion a new off the shoulder white lace crop top. I used the original bodice, but the skirt of the dress was turned into bell sleeves. I had a chance to use elastic effectively for the first time. I love that I can wear something completely unique that happens to be trendy as well. I have seen so many girls walking around in an array of off the shoulder crop tops. I love looking at them as they really flatter the neck, shoulders and collarbones. there is something very romantic about bare shoulders. After a while though, all of the tops that other girls wear start to blend together and become repetitive. Most of the blouses I see also share the same problem of falling or slipping up or down the shoulders and not staying in place. There is restricted mobility in the arms as well. But with designing my own off the shoulder blouse and controlling the elastic sizing. I love how it turned out! It is the perfect summer crop top!

So to encapsulate this bohemian perfection, Kara, Nick and I went out into a horse field in Catonsville, MD to photograph on these rolling fields. Aside from the dead deer on the edge of the field, the light was so perfect and there were too many beautiful shots to single out the images we ended up using. Please enjoy our summer moments!



Nick had a problem staying grounded during this shoot!
With the help of friends, you can really soar!!!


Long shot of our field of dreams
This is the dress I started with!
That’s a wrap on this post, now I walk into the sunset!


Today’s top is so in stijl! I will always love the works of Piet Mondrian. Not to sound shallow about some of the greatest masterpieces, but I always thought that if a piece could look amazing on a tee-shirt of bedroom poster, that just makes the artwork even more compelling and dynamic. As far as colors go, you have to go back to your primary roots every now and then.





I am home from Canada now but I still would like to share my trip. School will be starting up again quite soon and so I must mentally prepare for the next four months. Honestly, I would not mind going back to Toronto. I am still not in a school mindset yet; I simply do not miss Richmond or fashion school. It has been nice doing my own thing! But alas, I will be packing once again soon. In the meantime, here is the rest of my time in Canada.

I wanted to start off with my hotel because it was lovely, first of all, also, the hallways gave me so much inspiration for photoshoots! We stayed at the Grand Hotel. I highly recommend if you are visiting Toronto; my family and I had a wonderful experience from the beautiful, outdoor breakfast area to the rooftop hot tubs. Oh, and did I mention the hallways?


Next, because of course I have to go to at least one museum, is the AGO(Art Gallery of Ontario). This museum was unique in it’s architecture as it had an entire wing devoted to resembling a viking boat!



I did not get too many pictures, but we visited Casa Loma. Casa Loma, above all else, had the most beautiful interior decor. It must be that wealthy flair I suppose!


My family and I went to the Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto simply because we has city passes that included them. As tourists from Baltimore, home of the exceptionally overpriced National Aquarium, we decided to take advantage of this deal. It was actually so fun because there was this one petting station where you put your hand into the tank and little shrimp come up to your hand and clean it. They were the same kind of shrimp as Jacques from Finding Nemo. I guess the storytellers at disney did their research because those shrimp really do have that same need to clean. So they were just tickling our hands trying to get all of the dirt out from under our fingernails!


We were on the hunt to find Kensington Market. It is everything one could ever hope for in a bohemian wonderland! And then, it is right next to Chinatown, where we got some amazing dumplings for dinner.




I thought I would also include some pics of the food we enjoyed. I was determined to find Uncle Tetsu’s shop that serves the most amazing Japanese cheesecake. It was so light and fluffy and how cheesecake should always be. Honestly now cheesecake is ruined for me because I reached the pinnacle of cheesecake and I can never go back!




To continue showing off my trip to Canada, we finally made it to Toronto! Being the ultra tourists we are, we had to do everything that Toronto could offer. This includes, Casa Loma, Kensington Market, St. Lawrence Market, Eaton Center, the Toronto islands, the AGO, the ROM, and of course, the Canadian National(CN) Tower! We did a lot while in Toronto, and I have too many pictures for one post! So here is something for you to be CN now!DSC_0010IMG_7616

When Cal looks so dramatic!


They had these cute designs on the floor in the lobby, thought I would share:)