Eight days ago was the 20th anniversary of the day of my birth. I have an incredible bias about my birthday being the greatest day of the year. However, for the past two birthdays and since I have celebrated my birthday while in college, the rain just chooses to wreck my plans. My birthday truly is a classic April birthday, rain and all! So due to the weather, I was unable to wear the dress I planned, and I was not able to go around and take pictures. I am lucky that my friends were still available to celebrate with me and we could go out to dinner.

My friend Bailey received a King’s Dominion season pass from her birthday and so her present to me was a ticket to King’s Dominion. Saying that I love roller coasters would be an understatement; I can basically use roller coasters as instant therapy they just make me that happy. I adore roller coasters! I have not met a coaster I did not want to ride a million times. So needless to say, I was satisfied with this present and so fortunate to go with one of my best friends(who also loves coasters, which is actually a rare trait in my group of friends). We decided this little excursion was the perfect pre-finals fun day, since we will soon be bogged down by the crippling weight of finals work!

Also, sorry about all of the snapchat photos. I was not about to get my nice camera stolen. And with how many coasters I wanted to ride, that is a legit fear!



Although the thought of dressing the opposite gender was a daunting concept for me, it was time to spread my wings and jump out of the womenswear nest. Only then can I either fly or fall flat on my face. My class and I finally received our menswear assignment. Not only that, we were required to use men’s shirting fabric, a twill fabric(but not denim), and a wool suiting fabric.

I always hated menswear. From what I had been exposed to my entire life, men were just boring to me. There were so little options, everything looked the same and nothing was ever unique. Granted I was looking at menswear through my experiences shopping and from what I see my male friends wear. I never really looked at menswear like I do with womenswear. I look at the things women have been wearing since ancient civilizations. I know womenswear through every generation, culture, and subculture. But for some reason, I never thought to try that with men. For this assignment, I knew that if I was going to do menswear, it would not be the same things I see men wear all the time. I want the men I dress to be just as daring, experiment, unique, artistic, and confident as the women I dress.

Drawing attention back to my intro, my collection was inspired by Victoria’s Riflebirds. I saw a video of two males of this species dancing their special mating dance to attract a female bird. This dance was so amazing and beautiful to me. These birds instinctually know to move in this way to garner attention and its a legit ritual in their world. It just blew my mind watching the dance! I loved using these birds for so many reasons. The dance itself is this beautiful movement with their wings that gives them such an unusual shape, I loved the silhouette! They also do this dance to compete for the female they want and that seemed so opposite of American gender dynamics. Here and now, women must doll themselves up to compete for the man’s attention, which is most likely the cause for many of the gender inequalities we are seeing today. I thought about how backwards our society is, and how we should be taking a page from the animal kingdom from time to time. The male birds of the species also have the most gorgeous coloration of jet black feathers with a touch of vibrant, iridescent aqua blue on their chest, and of course, their grey legs. I had to use this color story for myself because it was so perfect. The fact of the male of any species being the more attractive and flamboyant is a trend in the animal kingdom. If animals know this truth so naturally, why can’t men dress bolder without having some societal expectation and judgement attached to it? Honestly, can I just be a bird? Can I just be a heron?

I also wanted to use traditional menswear as a grounding point that I could expand from. I do not hate men’s suits or ties or dress shirts. I just want to keep moving forward; I want to use those concepts as jumping points for variations. I respect that menswear is tied to tradition in many ways and I understand the reasoning psychologically, but fashion is never standing still. Womenswear is being pushed and changed everyday(sometimes cycled, but that’s a different story), so men should dress just as freely.

Let me know what you think about my fine feathered friends:)



Full disclosure, sometimes the men’s sections have the cutest tees. Streetwear is the greatest thing to happen to menswear. It gives the traditional nature of menswear the excuse to be edgy, wild, and unique. Stay tuned for another fashion illustration coming this week, I will be discussing menswear and the direction that I believe it should be headed.



Happy Easter to all! If you do not celebrate Easter, then happy spring and good times! Today is such a perfect day for Easter; I remember last year’s Easter holiday was on a rather dreary day. Easter and spring in general are amazing times of the year. Personally, Easter means going to the Easter service at church and hearing the Hallelujah chorus and the Toccata, seeing adorable babies get baptized, and my favorite, playing the annual game of Spot the Lilly Pulitzer dress. Honestly I think Lilly Pulitzer has a monopoly on this holiday—or maybe just spring in general!

Speaking of Easter fashion, I brought out an old favorite for Easter. There was a period of very specific aesthetic themes in fashion. It would go from things like, Baroque, to Guatemalan embroidery, and then there was tiny section of these trends that went to blue flower fine china designs. So needless to say, I have had this dress for a while and worn it to many Easter services. I did not wear it last year while here in Richmond, so it was fresh to wear again! And you know you have found the perfect Easter dress when you feel like a fancy fabergé egg when you wear it!IMG_6805

As much as I love getting all gussied up and donning my Sunday best, I always relish the moment I can unwind! So now I am enjoying my comfort in culottes. I mean, what else is new? I am so glad I was able to get out to document the spring flowers before they turn to summer lush greenery. FullSizeRender


With all f the finals I have coming up within the next couple of weeks, it is nice to take Friday as a fun and free day. My obligations from the prior week are passed, and so now I must breathe. However, both in university life, and in preparation for the fashion industry into which I plan to enter, there is never really a moment to breathe. I have so many croquis and designs to draw, and so many garments to sew. But for this moment, I am just standing here, taking in the fresh air from this light breeze, and slowly getting around to preparing for the obligations of next week.

I cannot be all that sad though, i got some new sunglasses that feed into the light, airy vibe I want to feel now and always throughout the summer!



I realized far too late that I have a fashion drawing piece that was not posted. The drawing was completely ready to post but I suppose the shift of thinking about posting to actually posting was lost in translation. But it is never too late to look at pretty clothes in a pretty drawing(bias).

The collection is called Knautilus Knit as we were assigned to complete a knitwear collection. Usually I make it a rule for myself to never purchase a winter knit in a light or pastel color because I never actually want to wear pastels in the winter. So that was the challenge for myself when designing. I knew everyone else would want to design a winter knit thus using darker colors.

I drew inspiration from an iridescent nautilus shell I saw while flipping through my magazine clippings and made that the backbone if the collection. It also made sense because I jumped in to the design process without really knowing my inspiration, and the shapes that I was coming up with were dramatic and loose, yet sculptural. I thought that the draping on some of the designs looked very shell-like. Therefore, the collection turned into a pastel beach, almost mermaid-inspired collection.

I did try to include some iridescent qualities in the makeup, but it was quite difficult with gouache.

The goal overall was to give the collection a dreamlike quality, which I think comes across nicely:)



I recently wrote and illustrated my first article for Ink magazine here in Richmond. I am on staff with this magazine but I was finally able to contribute to their online content. I feel especially lucky that I was able to illustrate my own article as well:) The writing for this post will be fairly brief as I hope you will take the time to read the article I wrote on Ink magazine’s website. But I will post the illustration that I made to accompany the article. The article was about kpop and it’s influence on fashion. I focused specifically on the gender neutral elements present in a lot of kpop groups’ wardrobe. Please enjoy:D