Today’s top is so in stijl! I will always love the works of┬áPiet Mondrian. Not to sound shallow about some of the greatest masterpieces, but I always thought that if a piece could look amazing on a tee-shirt of bedroom poster, that just makes the artwork even more compelling and dynamic. As far as colors go, you have to go back to your primary roots every now and then.






I am home from Canada now but I still would like to share my trip. School will be starting up again quite soon and so I must mentally prepare for the next four months. Honestly, I would not mind going back to Toronto. I am still not in a school mindset yet; I simply do not miss Richmond or fashion school. It has been nice doing my own thing! But alas, I will be packing once again soon. In the meantime, here is the rest of my time in Canada.

I wanted to start off with my hotel because it was lovely, first of all, also, the hallways gave me so much inspiration for photoshoots! We stayed at the Grand Hotel. I highly recommend if you are visiting Toronto; my family and I had a wonderful experience from the beautiful, outdoor breakfast area to the rooftop hot tubs. Oh, and did I mention the hallways?


Next, because of course I have to go to at least one museum, is the AGO(Art Gallery of Ontario). This museum was unique in it’s architecture as it had an entire wing devoted to resembling a viking boat!



I did not get too many pictures, but we visited Casa Loma. Casa Loma, above all else, had the most beautiful interior decor. It must be that wealthy flair I suppose!


My family and I went to the Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto simply because we has city passes that included them. As tourists from Baltimore, home of the exceptionally overpriced National Aquarium, we decided to take advantage of this deal. It was actually so fun because there was this one petting station where you put your hand into the tank and little shrimp come up to your hand and clean it. They were the same kind of shrimp as Jacques from Finding Nemo. I guess the storytellers at disney did their research because those shrimp really do have that same need to clean. So they were just tickling our hands trying to get all of the dirt out from under our fingernails!


We were on the hunt to find Kensington Market. It is everything one could ever hope for in a bohemian wonderland! And then, it is right next to Chinatown, where we got some amazing dumplings for dinner.




I thought I would also include some pics of the food we enjoyed. I was determined to find Uncle Tetsu’s shop that serves the most amazing Japanese cheesecake. It was so light and fluffy and how cheesecake should always be. Honestly now cheesecake is ruined for me because I reached the pinnacle of cheesecake and I can never go back!




To continue showing off my trip to Canada, we finally made it to Toronto! Being the ultra tourists we are, we had to do everything that Toronto could offer. This includes, Casa Loma, Kensington Market, St. Lawrence Market, Eaton Center, the Toronto islands, the AGO, the ROM, and of course, the Canadian National(CN) Tower! We did a lot while in Toronto, and I have too many pictures for one post! So here is something for you to be CN now!DSC_0010IMG_7616

When Cal looks so dramatic!


They had these cute designs on the floor in the lobby, thought I would share:)


Toronto is about two hours away from Niagara which was convenient because we were able to stop by Niagara on the lake on the way there.

I loved the look of the water, it was so blue and the sky was so clear! The indigo in my denim culottes also looked great against the blue of the water. It had such a vintage summer vibe to me.IMG_7628DSC_0260


Oh Canada, what a sweet escape you are from…everything beneath you. It is nice to be away from everything American for a while. I think the Canadian customs officers feel sorry for us when they learn we are only visiting Canada and planning to return to the U.S.

We went to Niagara first, my mother just had to fulfill some ultra-touristy dream of seeing one of the seven wonders of the world. It was quite beautiful, and now I can say that I have seen it. On to other wonders now I suppose!

I do have some advice for those planning on visiting the falls. Although this contradicts one I had previously stated in the first paragraph, the all around community surrounded the falls is nicer on the American side. Many people do not realize how built up the Canadian side has become. They have exploited the falls to an American level. It is basically like a mini Las Vegas or large Gatlinburg. The strips are jam-packed with giant hotels, sleazy entertainment(the poor man’s Madame Tussaud, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, things of that nature), and crowded family chain restaurants that cost more than they should due to the location. If you love that type of thing then by all means, the Canadian side is what you want. Personally, I find it to be a tourist trap and the falls should be the main attraction. The Canadian side does have the better views as most of the waterfalls come out of the American side. You must go on the Maid of the Mist over the Hornblower. Maid of the Mist is the American boat tour and it is the more iconic of the two. I mean, Hornblower is fine and all but they were not the ones to save that kid that got swept over the falls. Also, Hornblower gives you these red colored rain ponchos while MotM gives you blue ones. Personal preference but I would rather match the water in blue. In case you have not noticed, my reviews are based purely on aesthetics! We, of course, were that family that drove across from America into Canada to go to our hotel, and then realized we had already paid to do the Maid of the Mist. So we drove back to America, passports and all, so we could do everything we needed to do there before driving back into Canada.

Half of the image may not be visible, but gosh darn if that bird isn’t somethin’ else!
See the Maid of the Mist just looks like it belongs on the water with all that blue!


Witness the great migration of the Falls Folk, clad in their bright, blue, garbage bag fashions as they climb to the top to get the best view!
Family portrait time!!!!!
I said that I liked the color of the rain poncho; that did not mean I wanted to wear it all day!
I guess the falls are kinda pretty:P


Well I suppose by now I may have outgrown my tees, that is to say that I am a lazy slob in the summer. It is like my work ethic hibernates for the…summer. But do not fear, for my shirt feels your pain. Therefore it delivers the appropriate message, “Pass the tissues, we all got issues” written in dainty embroidered cursive and surrounded by fluffy, pink velveteen.

Can anyone tell me why velvet is back and also, will it stay? I want so much to get into this trend but I just do not trust it! I bought this tee but I was so close to buying a giant, oversized, pink, velveteen hoodie just for the statement and novelty. I thought a tee was a little easier to style that a giant hoodie so I did not go for it. But it is weird to me that summer is upon us and yet, velvet has not left the fashion scene.



I have often made fun of myself and been made fun of for my mild narcissism. I blame it on many things. I think it is hard to not become narcissistic when you are a portrait artist. I have to know every detail of a person’s face when I draw them. And when there is no one to draw, the only available model is myself. I am convinced that I am the only person able to draw myself. I have had everything from carnival portraits to fellow artist classmates sketchbook entries drawn of my face, and maybe I am slightly biased, but no one has truly captured my elusive essence. And if that is not one of the most narcissistic phrases, I do not know what is. But really, only I know my face from every bone in my skull, to every crevice in my skin to every hair on my head.

It does not matter if no one knows how to draw me; what is important is that they never forget this face. And now, this is exactly what will happen. The compulsive narcissist in me is beaming from ear to ear with pride and joy to know that my face is now forever stained on the city of Richmond. I am the best stain! I got the opportunity to recreate my selfie coroquis from my fall semester drawing final. I went back to Richmond for three days to paint this mural with two of my fellow fashion classmates. The purpose of the mural is to serve as an artistic view from the ICA museum that is coming to campus soon. This mural is right on campus, next to a residence hall for VCU, so hopefully all of my friends will get the chance to see it eventually.

My classmates and I knew we wanted to do a mural depicting three fashion figures. We decided on the theme of black, white, and denim. Richmond and VCU are quite obsessed with denim so we thought it was appropriate. I would like to clarify that I was, in fact, asked to use the drawing of myself. I would have been happy to create a new drawing, but the one of myself seemed to fit the best. Just so no one truly believes I am that obsessed with myself.

I think the mural turned out so well given that it was completed in such a short timespan. My friends and I are now among the ranks of the other talented muralists within Richmond. And I can confidently say that I never would have believed that learning how to operate a hydraulic lift would become a part of my fashion education!:P

Here is an article written about our experience on the mural, please enjoy:)