I do not know if I can say that 2017 was the worst year ever. Politically, it probably hit an all-time low but considering that we could be in the midst of war by now, I would say there are some silver linings. 2017 was also not the best for my social life and confidence in my work. I was not the hardest worker when it came to sewing and while it is not my strength and probably never will be when compared to my illustration, I should have worked harder than I did. I made some actual enemies this year(which I did not know was possible in college because I thought we had all grown up passed high school, but I guess some never do). It was not because I was mean or gave anyone any reason to hate me, it was simply just me being me and the jealousy that resulted in that. It is hard for me to understand how everyone else can give up a friend so easily when it takes so much for me to hate a person. I did lose some friendships and not because I was the one to walk away. But not only did I just lose a friend, I gained a person wishing ill-will over me and sending hatred my way. I cried a fair amount this year, partially due to the friends I lost, but also due to stress. Stress was tough on me this year, especially as I was headed into the winter. I pulled one all-nighter this year and it was especially painful as it was the last day of school in December. I worried about my brother getting into college and completing his boy scout project to become an eagle scout. I worried about my parents sticking to their diet and committing to exercise. I worried especially about my dad and how he would deal with keeping the house in order. I worried most this year about my mom and my best friend after they lost their fathers. Those moments were perhaps some of the lowest points of the year. This year was painful and brutal. And it seemed to drag on for forever.

The year had a few shining moments though. I received a great deal of respect in my major by the means of winning a scholarship, being recognized as the outstanding fashion design sophomore, and having my talents showcased on a mural in a prominent location in Richmond. I was selected by my department to represent VCU in a scholarship for the CFDA(which I will be completing in 2018). My parents did start a new diet and my father kept up with his walking. My brother completed his college applications and got accepted into a great school as of right now(we are still waiting to hear back). And 2017 more than anything else showed me who my real friends are. Although I lost some people I though cared about me, their loss only made the friends I had shine brighter to me. I know who I will be friends with until the day that I die. And realizing these friendships has made me incredibly grateful and blessed. I am so lucky to have the people I have in my life that support me and love me as much as I love and support them.

My only hope is the next year will be better. I am headed to Scotland in four days and I am still having a hard time believing it. I hope to make new friends, but if not, I know who I can call back home. But I am extremely excited to share my adventures in Scotland and hopefully be more proactive with this blog in the new year.

Please enjoy my New Years Eve look from yesterday. I just thrifted that top but it is from Urban Outfitters. The turquoise color is the absolute perfect color of velour for me and I loved mixing the fancier vibe of the crop top with my casual high-waisted jeans.

Happy New Years everyone, let’s make 2018 amazing!!!IMG_9887


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