I am so deep into the semester that I am growing so lazy of leisure. The things that need to get done get priority and then everything else gets chipped away at slowly. But so is the life of a fashion design student. I know that I have already shared this top that I altered from my father’s shirt, but I still really wanted to show it off!

This time however, I wanted to take my top to it’s masculine roots and give it a preppy edge. The theme of this look was French private school boy from the 30s. Then again, the top still features plenty of fraying along the raw edges so an element of grunge sneaks it’s way in. I paired my top with my mid-thigh wool shorts which definitely bring in that 30s schoolboy look. It is hard to wear these shorts however as they can so easily make me feel too masculine if I do not wear them with some type of heeled shoe. So I wore my pleather black heeled booties that elevate pretty much every outfit. And the finishing touch was using a black ribbon as my tie. I actually really love the concept of tying ribbons as ties. But I need to actually learn how to tie them and not ask my father every time. It resembled the skinny tie made famous by the Beatles. All I need to do is pull my hair back into a slick ponytail to complete the whole vision.



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