Well I suppose by now I may have outgrown my tees, that is to say that I am a lazy slob in the summer. It is like my work ethic hibernates for the…summer. But do not fear, for my shirt feels your pain. Therefore it delivers the appropriate message, “Pass the tissues, we all got issues” written in dainty embroidered cursive and surrounded by fluffy, pink velveteen.

Can anyone tell me why velvet is back and also, will it stay? I want so much to get into this trend but I just do not trust it! I bought this tee but I was so close to buying a giant, oversized, pink, velveteen hoodie just for the statement and novelty. I thought a tee was a little easier to style that a giant hoodie so I did not go for it. But it is weird to me that summer is upon us and yet, velvet has not left the fashion scene.



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