One of my besties was leaving me this week for Europe!!! My girl, Kara is off to Denmark for a summer study abroad. This summer seems to be the perfect occasion for everyone to go far, far away…except me. I guess I was not thinking about this summer as the best time for me to go away. I assumed next summer or second semester junior year would be ideal. Every period of time seems to come with its setbacks though. I will admit it is isolating not traveling and having to discover all the adventures of my friends through social media. I would not equate this feeling to that of the little green monster, but often times, seeing other’s summer plans prompts a deep sigh. I am happy and relaxed at home! I do not have to raise my stress levels packing for a trip, flying across an ocean, learning the basics of a new language, and then spending my summer doing intensives not at my own leisure. Instead I am here trying to complete the work that I believe I will need before the start of the fall semester. In many ways, I enjoy this approach as I have no one but myself keeping my on the right track. I am able to work out and run everyday. But I need this time to myself to relax honestly. There are many benefits to not having too much to do in the summer. And yet, everyone will still make you feel as though you are the biggest, laziest slob on the planet! I swear, every time I talk to a family friend, they ask me about my summer plans without fail. I let them know that I plan to work on my website, that I am trying to produce a few fashion zines, and work out, and they never really know what to say. The worst part about not having solid plans in the summer, however, has got to be my mother’s nagging for me to find a job. Very few people seem to understand how difficult it is to find a job when you go to school out of state. No one wants to train me for months only to have me leave once I get the hang of it. And those people who can get a solid job over the summer only obtained them through their parent’s contacts. I really do not have that luxury! So its either travel or work, and neither are feasible for me. But even though I am here and everyone else is everywhere else, I am still so happy for my girl in Denmark!

I wanted to celebrate the last time I would see her with a trip to the inner harbor. Unfortunately I do not have a lot of pictures of the two of us as I may have made her take photos of me. But so is the life of a fashion blogger to eventually annoy every friend!

No one should be surprised that even though the weather was absolute death and I was standing in direct sunlight, I still managed the tote my thick, warm jacket. Come to think of it, I still do not know how I managed to not com out with a sunburn that day!
I embroidered this hat for a friend but I was not going to miss the opportunity to show it off in a photo! More process shots will be at the bottom of the post!


We got salads for lunch but I really just want to highlight the cutlery because that fork is the most aesthetic thing! 
We stopped off at the Sagamore Pendry in Fell’s Point. And man, that is one fancy hotel for sure!
This courtyard exists within the hotel! I was in fashion photography heaven!


If you can’t tell, the friend that I was making this hat for really likes pansies!



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