This may not be the most summery, sunny, fun-loving, #beachvibes post you will find to represent the commencement of summer, and yet I feel it makes complete sense for the start of my summer. I have recently concluded that i am in fact a lizard. I ave known this fact for a while now but I am really starting to admit it to myself. I just love to be warm. Therefore, spring and summer with never fail as my favorite seasons. It does not make sense for me to show off my fabulous new bikini, or adorable new flip flops. Instead I will present my trusty, ole’ skinny jeans in my favorite, heat-absorbing color of black. I mean, its not a total summer post miss; I am bearing shoulders in my off shoulder top. That’s a summer trend, right? It just also happens to be a three-quarter sleeve top and also…black. Can you not see me sitting poolside or lounging along a beach in this outfit?IMG_5340

I cannot be so cruel. I do want to show off one thing that actually does have to do with summer. I got new sunglasses for myself as a reward for the end of the semester! I have seen these sunglasses everywhere on social media except mainly in different colors. The two most common that I have seen are pink and yellow versions of these sunglasses. I love the frameless look and I will never not love oversized sunglasses. My sunglasses look good with everything in my closet. I also love how minimalist they look! I am so glad I purchased them for the start of summer and I cannot wait to wear them everywhere! Also…the are black!



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