Finals are here and in full force. Luckily, I have not had to pull an all-nighter quite yet, but that does not mean that my days end before 1AM. Finals are a lot of work! Though I do feel blessed that I am loving the work and I feel creatively charged. More than anything else though, I am anticipating summer so much. When I used to play soccer in high school, my coaches would always tell my teammates and me to finish strong after our grueling runs. Despite how much our bodies were aching and all we wanted to do was collapse, my teammates and I were told to push ourselves that last quarter mile and at least act as though we hadn’t just run a million laps. I think applying that concept to running is actually more difficult than in terms of my finals work. I feel so good about my finals that I feel the need to finish strong.

Part of what finishing strong looks like for me is keeping up the effort in my clothing. Lucky for me, I always seem to save up all of my best outfits until the very end and therefore I have so many good outfits to wear right now. Along with looking good, I am a firm believer that wearing things that I really love empowers me. In the midst of finals, this feeling of confidence and strength is the best fuel. This is what I wore for the yesterday and today for two different critiques. The second dress was made by me and the dress that I was walking into class to critique. IMG_7085

For my draping class, we constructed tent dresses. I loved the pattern I chose because, of course, it makes me think of summer:)
I had to wear clothes underneath my dress because I knew I would need to out it onto the dress form to be critiqued and graded. But I will never pass up an opportunity to photograph this jacket!

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