Eight days ago was the 20th anniversary of the day of my birth. I have an incredible bias about my birthday being the greatest day of the year. However, for the past two birthdays and since I have celebrated my birthday while in college, the rain just chooses to wreck my plans. My birthday truly is a classic April birthday, rain and all! So due to the weather, I was unable to wear the dress I planned, and I was not able to go around and take pictures. I am lucky that my friends were still available to celebrate with me and we could go out to dinner.

My friend Bailey received a King’s Dominion season pass from her birthday and so her present to me was a ticket to King’s Dominion. Saying that I love roller coasters would be an understatement; I can basically use roller coasters as instant therapy they just make me that happy. I adore roller coasters! I have not met a coaster I did not want to ride a million times. So needless to say, I was satisfied with this present and so fortunate to go with one of my best friends(who also loves coasters, which is actually a rare trait in my group of friends). We decided this little excursion was the perfect pre-finals fun day, since we will soon be bogged down by the crippling weight of finals work!

Also, sorry about all of the snapchat photos. I was not about to get my nice camera stolen. And with how many coasters I wanted to ride, that is a legit fear!



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