Happy Easter to all! If you do not celebrate Easter, then happy spring and good times! Today is such a perfect day for Easter; I remember last year’s Easter holiday was on a rather dreary day. Easter and spring in general are amazing times of the year. Personally, Easter means going to the Easter service at church and hearing the Hallelujah chorus and the Toccata, seeing adorable babies get baptized, and my favorite, playing the annual game of Spot the Lilly Pulitzer dress. Honestly I think Lilly Pulitzer has a monopoly on this holiday—or maybe just spring in general!

Speaking of Easter fashion, I brought out an old favorite for Easter. There was a period of very specific aesthetic themes in fashion. It would go from things like, Baroque, to Guatemalan embroidery, and then there was tiny section of these trends that went to blue flower fine china designs. So needless to say, I have had this dress for a while and worn it to many Easter services. I did not wear it last year while here in Richmond, so it was fresh to wear again! And you know you have found the perfect Easter dress when you feel like a fancy fabergé egg when you wear it!IMG_6805

As much as I love getting all gussied up and donning my Sunday best, I always relish the moment I can unwind! So now I am enjoying my comfort in culottes. I mean, what else is new? I am so glad I was able to get out to document the spring flowers before they turn to summer lush greenery. FullSizeRender


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