I realized far too late that I have a fashion drawing piece that was not posted. The drawing was completely ready to post but I suppose the shift of thinking about posting to actually posting was lost in translation. But it is never too late to look at pretty clothes in a pretty drawing(bias).

The collection is called Knautilus Knit as we were assigned to complete a knitwear collection. Usually I make it a rule for myself to never purchase a winter knit in a light or pastel color because I never actually want to wear pastels in the winter. So that was the challenge for myself when designing. I knew everyone else would want to design a winter knit thus using darker colors.

I drew inspiration from an iridescent nautilus shell I saw while flipping through my magazine clippings and made that the backbone if the collection. It also made sense because I jumped in to the design process without really knowing my inspiration, and the shapes that I was coming up with were dramatic and loose, yet sculptural. I thought that the draping on some of the designs looked very shell-like. Therefore, the collection turned into a pastel beach, almost mermaid-inspired collection.

I did try to include some iridescent qualities in the makeup, but it was quite difficult with gouache.

The goal overall was to give the collection a dreamlike quality, which I think comes across nicely:)



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