There may or may not have once been a time where I would seek out those who I believed to be more talented than me in order to understand how to rise above them. But I am confident that my highly competitive days are behind me. That was more when I was a rec sports child. It used to show up a lot in my art as well. When I was going to art camps and trying to become a better artist, naturally I would look at the work of the older kids and become jealous. While it was not an ideal method of improvement, I would be lying if I said that competition never helped me. I can remember the first time I knew I wanted to be an artist was when I was in first grade and I saw some drawings that some of the forth graders were doing. It was this group of girls who were in the same after school program as me and I wanted to be like them so much. I know I annoyed them because I kept following them around and watching them draw every chance I got. I think it was worth it to be that annoying little girl though. Ah humble beginnings!

This past weekend, I went to see my school’s student exhibition. I had some of my work put on display, but it was so amazing to see what everyone else has been working on this semester. I especially enjoyed the crafts and materials majors’ work. I must say, if I was not in fashion design, C&M would be the next best thing for me. They had an amazing showing of unique pieces using metal, glass, fibers; just all sorts of things!

There once was a time when I was too competitive for my own good, but now, I am honored to go to a school with so many talented individuals. Some of the work that is shown is work that I have not et posted, so this is a nice sneak peak:D

This piece is by Jesse Gritzinger, a crafts and materials sophomore.
I got every assignment completed this semester on the wall. I am thinking that is some pretty darn good consistency of quality if i do say so myself:)



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