This weekend, I did something very few in the U.S. can say they did. I attended a BTS concert with my roommate, Clara! If you are unfamiliar with BTS or kpop in general, all you need to know is that they are a bunch of beautiful boys(I say beautiful because there is really no other way to describe them, they just are) who sing, dance, and rap like you have ever seen(and do it all flawlessly), and, the main reason why I, specifically, am able to take something away from them, their fashion is perfect. The band is composed of seven members, Jungkook, V, Jimin, J-Hope, Suga, Rap Mon(the leader), and Jin. They recently released an album(and then a follow up album immediately after) that prompted their Wings tour. And for this tour, they were finally able to make it to the United States. Circling back, I said that I did something not many Americans can say they did because BTS(and kpop bands in general) rarely comes to the U.S.

I was so excited to see them and experience what I and many others believe to be a rising genre of music. Kpop is influencing many cultural aspects around the world, the biggest of which, being fashion. And even if you cannot understand the lyrics or simply do not like kpop, it is hard to deny the growing popularity.

I was able to document a little bit but I was mostly focusing on the experience. I will also include some links to the songs and videos that I love the most, but I would recommend looking into all of their work. It becomes addictive after a certain point! But it is well worth it for the inspiration of music, dance, film, concept, and of course, fashion!

They were handing these out while I was waiting in the line as part of the fan project. The hope was that everyone would hold these up during “Spring Day” and “21st Century Girl”


I was not willing to wait behind hundreds of other bts fans to pose for picture with their cutouts, maybe if they were there themselves that would be a different story. But then, I am pretty sure someone would get hurt for that to happen!





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