In the hopes of trying to improve myself and my professionalism, I am taking a professional development for fashion course every Friday this semester. I enjoy this class because I am not the most organized human, and I have trouble applying myself for opportunities that are not immediately relevant for me. So planning for my future is a difficult task. I am in the process of following some leads for internships and connections, but even that is pushing myself. In this class, I can be more focused on my resume, my job search, and other key factors for my future.

Yesterday, my professor set up a tour for my class to look around Ledbury. Ledbury is based in Richmond with a flagship store right on Broad Street in Richmond. They specialize in high-end, quality, and often customized menswear. Even though menswear is not the field that I am most interested in, I loved touring their building and creative space and getting to talk with one of their head designers, Lindsey Hunt. This visit came at an appropriate time as I am in the process of trying to find inspiration for my own menswear collection as assigned for my drawing class.

Ledbury was such a beautiful retail space and I was so enchanted by the amount of patterns they displayed. They had so many different sizes of shirt patterns that you could clothe an entire army! They even showcased a customized pattern for President George Bush, which honestly, for the fact that he used Ledbury to design a shirt, made me respect him a tiny bit. The second floor(which they asked we not photograph) housed their creative team and upcoming projects. I hope the be working in a space similar to that at some point in my life!img_6135

This is only a tiny portion of the massive amounts of patterns that Ledbury had. It’s patterns lined the ceiling and almost became a part of the decor!
…I mean…that’s freaking neat no matter if you like him or not!



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