…Yea, I am just really not feeling a tee today. Truth is, I have way too much that I need to post and not enough time to think about posting it! My assignments are piling up as well as my outfit shots. I keep bothering my friend after we eat lunch together for a an outfit picture and it turns into a whole production! But I keep drawing and creating so much every week! I need to start posting more and more before it becomes so irrelevant that I have to include the word “throwback” somewhere in the description! And there are too many things I want to discuss in the moment that it pains me to have to preface my work with giant “THIS IS OLD” disclaimers. And then apologizing for how late I always seem to be.

But c’est la vie I suppose. However, having more photos than not is preferable. I never thought that I would become so shameless when it came to taking photos. I used to get so embarrassed trying to look cute while other people strolled by. But now, my shame has dried up and withered away.

All this to tell you that I have some old projects I would like to get off my chest.

The first is from my junior denim collection that I had to design for my fashion drawing class as one of my finals. We had to choose a store that sold a lot of denim products. More than just jeans however, this included denim tops, jackets, even skirts. I chose American Eagle for my store. Usually American Eagle has maintained a specific aesthetic as they carry a lot of plaid flannels and sweater material items. But when I went into their store for research, I noticed them moving in a more vintage direction as they were carrying a lot of flowing, ruffle tops and two toned skinny jeans. So for my collection, I took inspiration from the Belle Epoque and Turn of the Century periods. At the time, the president had just been elected so I wanted to find a way to give my collection a very understated sense of feminism. During the turn of the century, there was a significant rise in the use of contraception. Although it was illegal to use such items, women were interested in finding alternatives to getting pregnant as delivering a child was one of the most dangerous things a woman could do during that time. So there was a rise of women taking charge of their own bodies and health. I liked that bit of research as that period 0of history is often not regarded as celebrating any kind of feminism. But I suppose its the little victories that matter just as much sometimes.

I also used a rose motif for this collection but I tried to use it in an abstracted and less obvious way to communicate this understated feminism concept. The idea for the denim was to have this abstracted rose paneled and stitched together.

Most of the garments are some sort of denim or chambray(because that was also allowed, bless chambray).The pants with the ribbon wrapped around the leg was inspired by a hobble skirt, which was a short-lived trend during the time that basically restricted a woman’s gait. 
Here are all of my flats, they are hand-drawn so they are not by any means perfect and exact. 
I care way too much for puns so all of my colors have something to do with the period. Please excuse my cheesiness:)

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