Over the weekend, I was able to visit a Tudor revival manor house and garden. Agecroft Hall in Richmond is unique because it was built using pieces of an old Tudor mansion from England and shipped to Richmond by the Williams family. It was a bit confusing listening to the timeline of the house while on the tour because it was originally three times the size of the one currently standing in Richmond. And there were many times during the tour where one would have to ask specifically if any given piece of furniture, or window, or house detail was original. And a lot of the furniture was donated and from several different periods of history other than the Tudor period. And still, it was important to keep in mind that the house was rebuilt in around the turn of the century so there was still some of that influence present within the house. But overall, the house was gorgeous and well worth the tour and confusion:)

Unfortunately we were not allowed to take photos inside the house(not like I would be outright posing in the middle of a tour anyway) but the outside of the house and the gardens were free game.

I tried to match my outfit to what I considered the Tudor period to be, and it just so happened that the color combination I chose of beige and black happened to be the exact color scheme of the house. And of course I had to wear my cape because what else are you supposed to wear at a Tudor-era manor?img_5387img_5388img_5391img_5384img_5806dsc_0089


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