Unfortunately, despite it being Valentine’s day, I am not attempting to match the theme. It was just my bad luck that Valentine’s day landed on my precious Tuesday. If it was any other day perhaps I would have worn my red dress or pink sweater. But then again, I do not like being told what to wear…

My shirt today, however, does attempt to expect my attitude for the day. I rarely buy clothing new for many reasons. Frankly it is a wasteful practice unless you are buying quality items that are meant to last a long time, it is supporting big businesses that cut corners, it is more fun to thrift, and most importantly, it is too expensive to buy brand new. I want to write more in depth about my views on this subject because it is a paramount issue that needs more of a spotlight. But back to my tee-shirt, I saw it and had to have it. I identified so much with this shirt. I thought it was sassy, ironic, playful, simple, sarcastic, and fun. I want all of my wardrobe to know exactly what it is.

There was something so cool about this top. Maybe I am creating this shirt’s entire backstory but whatever it was about this shirt, I knew it had to be mine. It didn’t try too hard and yet it was so over everything else going on in the world. And being so over everything else happening in the world was me, on this day. Unfortunately on this day, I do not get to see my puppy, or my closest friend, nor do I get to do anything special. Holidays turn me into an entitled ball of mush, I am sorry.



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