While this shirt is funny and sweet to me, there is an element of looking like one of those oh-so-precious tops that mothers buy for their sons. I only say this because my mother would come home with those types of clothes for my little brother all the time. I do not care however because even though I am certainly not the most heavily plagued by sarcasm, I do often show symptoms. And I should not speak about sarcasm as though it were a disease. It is an art! However, it is an art that, in most cases, not too many people enjoy. But I am fond of the sarcastic banter. For me, it is a way to weed out the truly fun, lighthearted friends from those that may take things too seriously. I am not the type of friend to nod and smile. Many wild mammals are taught to play by fighting and “rough-housing” as a means to bond. In the human world, it is looked down upon to randomly wrestle people if you want to get to know them. So I, and many others, employ the playful mocking, teasing, and joking to show we care. I admit that I sometimes go too far or it does not come off as playful and silly as I intend it. But I have found that most of the time, when someone cannot handle my sarcasm or sense of humor, they are probably not best suited to me. And that is completely fine! Not everyone has to be my best friend and I do not have to be everyone’s best friend; and other people will flat out just not like me at times. Those closest to me know they will most likely be teased by me and that is it meant just for a giggle; and I expect it right back!img_5515


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