I know a lot of what I show on my blog are not my own designs. I take photos primarily dressed in the clothes that I own and love, occasionally I will show something I made or an illustration. But even with those things, I could understand how some people may forget the fact that I am a student, studying fashion design. Or you could be very aware of the fact while reading my posts or looking at my pictures and mistake the things I show as my own designs. Or you could know that I am not wearing my own pieces and think that I did not live up to what I set out for with this blog by not sharing my fashion design journey. These thoughts are valid as I should be putting in more of an effort.

I want to start mentioning where my clothes are from but I feel it may not be worth it as most of my wardrobe is thrifted or from sifting through my mother’s clothes. The blogs that allow their followers to easily trace every thread on their body have the budget to consistently use trendy garments. Personally, I love that with those blogs you can easily recreate the looks, but you do lose the ability to add a personal touch. My goal was never to give everyone the exact coordinates to my style; I simply wanted to inspire similar looks. And, in all honesty, I am a full-time student. Not to say that it would be too terribly difficult to add that extra detail, but time is too precious to be so thorough. I am just happy  that I am able to update my blog as regularly as I do. T0 those of you who may believe I have lost my initial purpose, all I ask is that you remain patient. I believe I can get to the level of making garments often enough to show them frequently on the blog. But I am just not there yet. First and foremost, I am an illustrator and designer, sewing is by no means my forte. So please, bear with me:)

Allow me to temporarily satiate those who want to see handmade garments by showing the first piece I ever made. It probably still stands as my favorite of the things I have made. I think the fabric was meant to be bed sheeting, but I saw pants.

Take my word when I say they have the fit of pajama pants but better. For some reason, I chose to show them in the most shapeless way possible! At least the pattern comes through:)

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