Today’s tee is a weird one, and coincidentally, formally owned by my mother. It is from a museum but I cannot determine if the image is cool or creepy. Every now and then I get inspired by a certain style of cartooning that always has an element of slightly disturbing. I like this mode of cartooning for many reasons. I think it gives innocence and wonder to more mature concepts. I love the color palettes and character styles that come out of these types of cartoons; they are less saturated and more complex than children’s illustrations. I try to make my illustrations more realistic while also allowing for a style to show through. The illustration resting on my tee-shirt is so weird, especially in what the character is doing, but it is also something that makes you want to create a story to give him context. And any opportunity for imagination insertion is well worth taking nowadays. With every answer handed to us on a silver platter, we need to leave some room for mystery of the unknown. We do not have know everything, but we can still wonder and dream about it.


Cheap fashion hack—in case you haven’t noticed, I really like chokers! That does not mean I like paying for shoelaces and ribbons that I already have lying around. Seriously, it is the simplest, on-trend accessory that one can fashion on their own. I almost have to give props to the marketing team that is able to make chokers the must-have trend and also convince everyone that they must pay top dollar for them! Also, try a white ribbon. I see too many black chokers and, don’t get me wrong, I love them! But I feel like white has such a pretty effect as well:)

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