So today turned out to be a beautiful day, filled with sunlight, subtle warmth, and the minimizing of the puddles that formed the previous day. Yesterday was the day that represented the current trend of Virginian weather. I had to move my bike from my apartment on Friday to my main class building because there is a cover over the bike rack; I have not moved my bike since. I finally feel somewhat confident to come out from under my hood and umbrella.

As someone who enjoys wearing whatever catches my eye on any given day, rainy days tend to dampen the enthusiasm I have for getting dressed in the morning. However, my father got me some tall, black, rain boots for Christmas, which was exactly what I needed as I did not own any rain boots. Personally, I love a rain boot with a cute design on it, but I prefer simple, matte, black ones because I can easily wear the majority of my wardrobe with them. Those boots, combined with my giant rain poncho, equals the driest walking-through-rain experience of my life! I did not have to avoid puddles and I felt so comfortable!

What made my rain experience even more enjoyable was sharing it with Totoro! That sweater was another gift from my father for Christmas. It is the warmest sweater while also depicting one of my favorite cartoon characters. So Totoro with his umbrella suffered under the rain with me:)img_5290-2


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