I wanted to share another illustration that I drew. I do not think I will have so much time soon for my own illustrating because I like to give all of my effort in my fashion illustration class. But when I find the time, I will draw like a madwoman! My first assignment in my fashion drawing class is to create a two piece collection of casual dresses that must include some variation of stripes. I think I have an idea in my mind of designing for the working woman that wants to be doing anything other than working. So I will update everyone, hopefully, on what that looks like!

For today, I used an old photo, back when I had my long hair. I am slowly trying to transform the clothes that I am physically wearing in whatever photo that I am using to be slightly more designed and interesting. For this one, I was wearing ripped jeans, but they certainly were not stuffed with daisies—that is not entirely the most practical thing in real life. And the shirt that I was wearing was not that cropped or that color. I want to slowly become more adventurous with how I change my garments in my drawing.img_4860


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