So I have been bombarding everyone with a heavier amount of photos all at once lately. The reason for this is that I am undergoing spring cleaning for spring semester of all the photos I have been too lazy to edit and post. I simply must make room for the new!

This is not the only reason, however, as I also lost a few inches of hair recently(like a good 12 inches). But what better way to “head” into spring semester than with a lighter more open mind. And I mean severely lighter; my neck is thanking me. I am still getting used to this new length so its a little “flippy” at the ends. I do not quite know yet how to make it do what I want for whatever outfit I want to show. Right now, I am enjoying being more free with it and letting it do what it wants. I do not have to worry about it getting a million tangles and birds nests by the end of the night. And honestly, that is the real reason why I had to get it cut. I love my long hair and I feel a bit naked right now, but I could not maintain it everyday. It would not cease to become so matted by the end of each day. I spent my evenings yanking my hair out! So I am excited to try some new things and explore new aesthetics.

As for my tee-shirt today, this is another old mom rag. Every time I saw it in my closet, I always kept thinking it was a summery top since the figures all looked like they were in bikinis and swimwear. I was going to save it for summer. But then I actually read it and realized it said “Aprés Ski” on it so now I get these 1960’s, luxe, Alps vibes! The color is not my favorite but it is nice for me every once and a while. I do not wear enough pink!img_4835


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