Whenever I see my Baltimore baes, it makes my heart swell up and everything okay. I leave for Richmond tomorrow and, while I am excited to reunite with my Richmonders, break has just been so nice!

My Baltimore babes love being silly and going all out with photoshoots just as much as I do. So I tried to plan a potential photoshoot for when I came over because they both live quite far away in Baltimore county. I am a city girl but they live in a more suburban/rural area. So I thought we would utilize some of the fields that were around. I decided to wear my white button down with the pretty red floral embroidery because I thought it had a prairie, vintage look about it. I told Kara and Nick about it and of course when I say prairie, the first thing Nick does is show up with a bright red, white, and black, oversized hockey shirt! But the good thing about Nick is that he is basically down for wearing whatever. We improvised and wrapped him in one of Kara’s ornate scarves and it gave him a very mystical look. If you can picture the design and color scheme of Esmerelda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame by Disney, I think we tapped into that aesthetic, except more like we are traveling woodland fortune tellers. Nick will read your palm while I try to pick-pocket you. We make the perfect traveling psychic(or psycho) team!


I think we look like something out of a Gucci ad, if I do say so myself:)



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