All is sound in the wild when you go vintage shopping. Because, you see, only there, can cheetahs get along with camels. Lately I have been obsessed with the color camel on just about everything. As a monochromatic color for an outfit, it looks so classic and modern. I am so glad that I made this color a staple of my wardrobe. As someone who has a cooler skin tone, I mainly stick with the cooler colors(pretty much blue). But this winter, I have completely embraced a warmer palette. My color scheme has expanded to camel(beige, brown) and red. That may not sound very experimental, but I am normally a blue and black wearing gal, so its a start.

Nevertheless, anyone who knows me knows I love to dress in theme and period. So when I saw that bonnet lying there, just oozing in all of it’s sixties glamor, I have to try it on. It was simply dumb luck that my outfit happened to match so perfectly to the bonnet. It was meant to be on my head on that particular day.fullsizerenderimg_4765


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