I really hate posting two tee-shirts in a row, but I do not want to miss anymore of them if I can help it.

For this week, I am celebrating my last week with the car while I still have it available to me before I go back to school. As a freshman I never minded not having a car that I can use, but as a Sophomore, I feel as though I should have one now. Now that my roommate and best friend have cars that they can use whenever they want, I feel left out. I is hard to be a fashion design major on a college campus without a fabric store within walking distance. The nearest one takes about twenty minutes to reach by car! I cannot express how much I hate mooching off of someone else for a ride. I have to plan everything out before even thinking about asking for any sort of transportation. I usually like to check if there is anything that the person I am asking needs as well so i am not the only one needing the drive. I never want to be that moocher, but sometimes, Its inevitable.

So for my last week home, I must use this luxury called “car” before I become a dependent again.

In case you didn’t know, Shelby is a car company, and also my name:)

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