Take it how you want to, the message on this shirt does not intimidate me. This shirt was probably my brother’s tee and he probably tried to get rid of it. But I am a sucker for message tees. If there is text on a tee, in a simple, classic font, and the content is not ridiculous or wildly inappropriate, I am strongly considering the purchase of said shirt. In all honesty, I know this saying is one of the most annoying phrases. I can just hear all the friends I have had at one point or another utter that awful phrase to me after something I said, and then thinking it was the most clever joke! Its fine, I am hearing it less and less as I get older. I suppose now I am moving on to more mature annoying phrases(if they ever reach a point of maturity)! Ultimately, I still love this top as it offers a strange sense of nostalgia for the reasons previously mentioned. Its some strange throwback to a very dated saying. Like if someone wore a shirt that said “Groovy”, “Tubular”, or “Gnarly” without trying to be ironic about it. And I say without trying to be ironic because clothing companies are making message tees now specifically for that purpose.

It seems every design choice nowadays is to access some sort of retro vibe with consumers. Specifically those who would not actually be familiar with that vibe. For example, a teenager in 2017 wearing something with a 70s reference carries the same effect as someone wearing a band tee of a band they do not listen to or follow. It is just a funny observation to me as there is nothing wrong with those choices. I love dressing in theme to time periods with which I am not personally familiar. I do not own any band tees to bands that I do not listen to, but I can see myself wearing them if the artwork was my style. img_4689


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