First, Happy New Year!!! In this post, I will share all of my thoughts on New Years, resolutions, but also what I really loved about 2016!

I also want to apologize for my laziness every Tuesday, but I am technically on vacation; the kind of mindless vacation where I do not lift a finger! Tomorrow I must force myself to remember to wear a tee!

Actually its not entirely true when I say I am not lifting a finger. Since ending the fall semester and coming home for winter break, I am taking a three credit online course for winter intercession on 21st century fashion to serve as my required art history class. I am really enjoying the class as I get to learn about designers, and all the fashion trends and innovations since the 80s.

I am also trying to help my father clear out the basement. My family has trouble letting things go, and as a result, we have run into a slight clutter problem that must be dealt with. My father and I are trying to be ruthless and show no mercy. We are hoping to eventually clear out the basement enough to restore my father’s old miniature town display that he used to love. He called it Charlestown and it used to be full of a variety of model cars and replica buildings. We also want to purchase a treadmill, as I have grown to love running on the treadmill at my gym at school. My family needs to have a steady source of exercise aside from getting outside, which is not always possible. That being said, I am trying to walk Pebbles as much as I can while I am home. As much as I love my family, they do not give Pebbles the time outside that she deserves. I vowed a long time ago to keep Pebbles happy and healthy as she is my first dog. Although she is getting older, I believe she can still be active well into her old age. I have a lot of plans for this break that I still must realize, so I am making progress slowly but surely. New Years comes at a good time for my family and me to realize all of our goals for the coming year.

Around New Years, I always hear a lot of people talking about the year before as old, stale and that they are happy to be moving away from it. Mind you, 2016 had a lot of setbacks. There are many things that happened throughout the year that I wish came with a redo button. I can think of all the times I was stressed and started crying(which I never really do), I had a whole month where nothing positive seemed to happen. But I have to think really hard about those moments because the good parts of the year stood out far more than the bad. It is silly to talk about 2016 completely ungrateful.

Personally, 2016 has meant a lot for my own personal growth. I take school and fashion very seriously and I do not procrastinate quite as severely as I used to. I know how long things take and when I do not put forth the time, my work suffers as a result. I have found true and lasting friends this year and I realized my mistakes in letting certain people into my life. Although I wish I did not have to go through the pain of losing friends I thought would last in my life, 2016 taught me how to let go and not think twice about them. 2016 gave me the opportunity to show my artistic skills and be rewarded for them. I am still growing but I have more clarity on how I feel about myself and how to handle certain situations. I have grown a lot and 2016 let me see that. I did lose some weight and more than that, I felt healthier because I motivated myself to go to the gym and run. I pushed myself to run a set amount. That is an accomplishment for me as I would often think to myself, “I’ve already come so far, surely this is good enough and I can stop now”. I am happy that my style keeps evolving and changing, thus I get inspired by new things and my designs evolve. 2016 showed me that I have the potential to work hard if I push myself to do it. I know what I want and I want to keep working toward it.

Lastly, I started my blog in 2016. It has meant so much to me to start something and keep growing it. My blog has by no means gained millions of followers or likes, but I have only been blogging now for half a year. I want to keep growing and expanding but the point of this blog was never to garner massive success outwardly. It was meant as an open space for me to share my thoughts and display my photos, drawings, and designs. This blog is my first step in creating a voice for myself and the brand that I want to create. The brand that I am creating.

House of Herons is one of my greatest resolutions. I hope that someday that name will mean something to people. That people will one day wrap themselves with that name because they chose to wear my designs. I hope that name will stand for a memory, a mood, or any type of inspiration. I want House of Herons to be one of my greatest creations and proof of my hard work and innovation. House of Herons is where my self expression, my love of life, and my big ideas will live.

So for this New Years, I broke out the representative remnants of my seven year-old, glitter-obsessed self with this gold, ombré-sequin sweater. New years, the day of self-reflection and resolution, is also the greatest excuse for sequin, sparkles, glitter, and shiny things. And although I am usually not a fan, I will always at least attempt to be festive.

Details-I may have jumped back on the choker bandwagon a little late from when they exploded in popularity this year. But honestly, I never really stopped loving them!




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