Finally, I can show off my first handmade frock. This skirt was an assignment for my garment construction class. We were instructed to make dirndl skirts, which are full, gathered skirts. Although my gathers were a bit uneven, my professor appreciated my ambition to add a bow belt. I am only showing the back of my skirt because the bow was the more interesting detail. And also, as it was Christmas Eve, I was not too focused on getting a lot of pictures. The front is only important in showing off the entire look and the top I was wearing because you can only see the bolero jacket from the back. The front of the skirt is just a simple gathered skirt with a waistband. I was really happy with the completion of this skirt as I have one top that is that maroon color with a black lace overlay. The top is cut in a way that it isn’t the most flattering with my black skinny jeans. Now I finally have a skirt in this deep color that gives me an instant classic look.

This skirt marks the first wearable garment I am showing. It is officially the first House of Herons garment!

Christmas meant so much more with the added detail of making my own skirt. The bow looked so full while resembling a gift bow. I loved showing it off during my Christmas Eve service:)img_4619


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