Honestly, what is there to complain about during the finals week before winter break? Its just a waiting period where your classes have ended and all you have left are sporadic forms of finals either by critique or classic exam. I am relishing how much free time I have that would be spent normally in class. Although maybe I am enjoying it a little too much as I should be using that to work.

I have nowhere special to be anymore so my effort in appearance has fallen drastically. I am just living my life like the biggest slob! This development is not the greatest for both a fashion design major and one who enjoys to blog on the basis of looking well put together! Then again, it becomes the challenge of how can you look good, or at least interesting, with little effort. I have always been as low maintenance as a person can be. My hygiene regimen would disgust any normal human and I am as stingy as possible with my laundry(although that is also because washing clothes breaks them down faster and I own a lot of other clothes). I will suffer in certain situations before putting up the effort to change them. For example, I recently suffered in my unnecessarily cold apartment because I never felt the need to check my thermostat. I must have assumed my roommate would change it if necessary, but then I forgot that she has a space heater warming her up. Our thermostat was at 60 degrees! And I was just too lazy for the longest time. Basically, I am an incredibly low maintenance person! So if given the chance to lounge about like a slob just waiting until the day of my last final, I will be the last to complain. The clothes get baggier, the hair gets tanglier, and the impression in my bed gets deeper and more pronounced from my dead, lump of a body.

Also, I never considered myself to be a person who wears makeup. The ones I considered to actually wear makeup were the ones who knew all the steps, knew what color compliments what eye color, knew how to get that perfect curvature for the wing on their eye, and simply, had the massive hordes of money to maintain their expensive passion. Whereas, I put on mascara and, if I am feeling especially in need, I will sometimes add a slight wing. Mind you, my wing does not line my entire eye. No, my wing is literally a triangle shape that I try to blend with the end of my eyelashes. Its kind of pitiful when I explain it but it is just one of those preferences that keep me from doing more work. I always had fairly good skin growing up, maybe a pimple here or there every now and then but it never bothered me. I was blessed with full eyebrows that were right on time for the outbreak of the trend. Thats all you really need right? I do wish I could do some of the things that I have seen other people do with makeup. I am an artist! I can draw faces like nobody’s business, but I just cannot, for the life of me, paint my own face!

I got really excited when one of my friends last Christmas gifted me with this liquid eyeliner contraption called The Curve and then gave me the secret to getting a decent wing. Just knowing something so simple gets me excited. But since then, that has been my standard combo, mascara and liquid eyeliner. And yes, sometimes I go a little overboard with that combination to compensate for no other makeup anywhere else. So I end up with that infamous raccoon eye look. Personally, I like raccoons, but in normal society, it is not the look to which you should aspire.

Today, as I am a slob, I did not achieve this look. I felt so naked about my makeup I had to incorporate the raccoon in another way. So I do not have my raccoon mascara on today but I am still wild!img_4270


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