Long hoodies over long cardigans equals double the drama when you walk against the wind! My outfit incorporates all that I aspire for when I get dressed everyday in the winter, the color black, functioning insulation, and those fleeting moments when I walk to assert my power through my proportions.

I know most do not seek to achieve a high fashion couture look in their style, but if you do wish to elevate your style even slightly, my greatest advice would be to stray from the silhouette that most closely follows the curves of your body. Not to say that you can never dress in a way that flatters your shape, but it helps to add interest if there is some aspect that is loose, asymmetric, or altogether contour-altering. I believe the contemporary Japanese designers of the late 70’s knew this rule best. It was quite progressive in their distortion of the classic female form. This is not to say that the female form should not be celebrated, however. But there is more to fashion than following so closely to a restricted silhouette. As a fashion designer and a woman, I love and respect the fashion template I must use, but I also want to challenge myself to see what else I can add to it.

This, of course, applies to menswear as well, which is another field into which I wish to enter. Women have the luxury of being able to wear menswear like they never have before throughout any period in history. Men, however, cannot afford the same ability to parade around in dresses and skirts unless under certain conditions without having some sort of label attached to them. Men deserve the same treatment of design as women. There must be a template for both yes, but there should not be a level of crazy that must not be exceeded. Fashion by nature exposes the crazy, weird, and bizarre and makes it beautiful.

In this particular outfit, I am not making some grand statement, nor am I being especially experimental(I have done much more extreme things in my style, believe me). But I do not want to ever lose that sense of the strange or unique. I find that the best way to change the tide of fashion is to subtly sneak little moments of madness into the normal. Make it so normalized that no one suspects a thing. And if they do, it is noticed for its beauty and intrigue.

This was a long way about going to introduce the fact I am wearing a long version of a hoodie. But none the less, I have shared concepts that I hope I display, not only throughout the entirety of the time I decide to blog, but also throughout the entirety of my life. I never want to stop growing my style. I am sure other people have written about this desired direction in the fashion world before and much more eloquently than I have. That does not make it any less true for me in my style and design. img_4261

Also there was this little kid who was literally running with his friends, stopped and ran back, and started posing with me. At first my friend and I were like, is this kid just messing with us to be funny. But he was legit like, take the picture. So I got a picture with this adorably smug, little troublemaker. Just proves you never know what will happen when you start taking photos. It just made my day and looking back at it makes me giggle.

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