Finals week is upon me and all of my university, both this week and the coming week! Most of my classes are already over now, I believe I still have three classes with finals left. One would think that with all these finals happening all around me that I would be stressed. I have stayed up all hours of the night for several nights in a row to finish my work. But honestly this week has been one of the best weeks of my life!

I feel as though I have made my mark in my department and finally everyone has some sense of why I am here. I am hot on the trail of entering into internships in the summer as a sophomore. Two of my drawings are going to be featured a department-generated calendar. I am loving the work that I am producing for my finals. And to top it all off, today I finally bought the denim culottes that I have wanted for so long because they were finally on sale and the last pair of them were in my size! The fates must be rewarding me for something! Or karma has finally come back to me from the several difficult and spirit-breaking weeks I have had prior. In whatever case, I feel so blessed for the week, and I hope it continues!

This first final is one of the four projects due for fashion drawing. Drawing is my forte and I am especially interested in the figure and drawing fashion, hence the main reason I applied to fashion design(because it for sure was not because of my sewing skills). The assignment given was a revised version of our “selfie croquis”. I did not want to recreate the first image I used, however, because I had already drawn from it three times before, it was lacking in interesting color. We also needed to draw the pose from the back side as well and I did not have a back view for that pose. So I just decided to use a whole new image(you know how much I love to take photos of myself). The mediums used were just micron pen and marker on marker paper. I think I got a good likeness but please tell me what you think, give me your thoughts and critique. This is part 1 because I have a few other finals and work I need to show so stay tuned.IMG_5668

This was not the photo I referenced obviously, but it was from the same shoot. You cannot see my patched jeans but you can make out my sweater just to give some sort of context.

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