I do not know why I am posting today as I have a final due tomorrow for fashion drawing. The only acceptable reason for writing about today’s top when it is such a pressing time for me is that today’s shirt so eloquently expresses my mood for this week of hell(finals)!

I have been through one final already from Monday and I must say it turned out great! I will have pictures up soon, but it was just a mini collection of five croquis that were for a junior denim collection. I based mine on the Belle Epoque. I cannot wait to post that because all of my collections always have a great deal of thought and I love explaining my ideas. But I need to get it handed back to me first!

I still have finals for my construction and pattern-making classes, which are dresses for both of them! I just have to document everything as soon as I get a moment not killing myself for finals!

But like I said, today is the day to wear this shirt in the most effective way possible!img_4185-2


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