I am so sorry for not getting around to Tee-Shirt Tuesday; I had a lot of things due the Wednesday after and felt too stressed to make it a decent post. I hope it will be up next week, but I never really know for sure. I have the photo and the shirt, its just a matter of actually posting it.

So I am back at school from my short, Thanksgiving break, Outer Banks excursion.But I still have yet to share the beauty that is, Jockey’s Ridge. If this place isn’t the most awe-inspiring landscape, I don’t know what is. As far as the U.S. goes, I have been to many beautiful places(or places that I consider to be beautiful). Places like Longwood Gardens, Biltmore mansion, other variations of beautiful houses, gardens and beaches. But Jockey’s Ridge will hold that top spot for most gorgeous location. While you are still in humble Kitty Hawk on the Outer Banks, once you walk onto one of the dunes of Jockey’s Ridge, you feel transported to the middle of a desert. From the wind-formed patterns in the sand, to the forceful winds from the ocean, it is easy to lose track of where you are.

There is not a time when I will not want to be on these amazing dunes.


Its like my little brother is on another planet!
My dad and little brother flying their kite!
Look at these beautiful patterns created by the wind!!! It looks like wood grain to me!


Kite flying competitions!!!
Trying to make my piece cloth look high fashion! #cotd
I think the wind knew what it was doing here!

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