Still at the beach, and I honestly do not want to leave!

I went out with my father this morning to run a few errands. You know your father is obsessed with Kitty Hawk when he just has to go to the visitor center and stock up on every leisure brochure and map ever made! But I do not mind indulging my dad in all of his Carolina guilty pleasures, as all of them end in enjoyment and delight.

At the visitor center, there is a separate little trail that leads to the Monument to Flight, which is basically this sculpture dedicated to the evolution of flight. As North Carolina is home to one of the greatest contributions of technological innovations in human history, or flight, they are quite proud of their history. And as their license plates will tell you, North Carolinians are obsessed with the concept of flight. I was joking with my father earlier that the monument was the North Carolinian Stone Henge, or something out of Brave, the Pixar movie. From where the stones’ placement begins corresponding to the start of flight in 1903 with the Wright Brothers, the stones then grow in height with more time and progress and seem to ascend closer to the sky! I really appreciate that motif:)

I imagine this wonderful wind was similar to how it must have felt back in 1903. The wind here was what sealed the deal for the Wright Brothers to unleash their legendary invention here, in humble Kitty Hawk.



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