My roommate, Clara, is currently studying in her major of graphic design. She and I go to class in the same building, except the graphic design department is one floor below fashion design. But one day she came back from class and told me how her class had gone on a field trip to an abandoned building near a flood wall on the James River. I do not remember what the purpose of this trip was; all I can remember was being jealous that her class took a field trip. Fashion design has no intention of anything near a field trip unless you can pony up the money for a summer trip to Florence! But I hardly call that a classic field trip.

I had forgotten about this magical building until we got dinner with a mutual friend of ours, John. John is also in the graphic design major, but we both knew him from our drawing class(the class where Clara and I met as well). He mentioned liking my photos and wondering how I achieve them. In reality, a lot of my pictures are quite randomly, “hey, I look cute today and that’s a nice wall! Can you get a pic on my phone?” with a friend. But I do have some pictures that are more thoughtful, well-planned and actually use a real camera. We also started talking about street style and Kayne West’s Yeezy lines. And before I knew it, I was in his closet trying to get inspiration for a shoot we could do together. John and Clara had already been to this abandoned building, so this photoshoot was my ideal opportunity to experience it.

The building was quite interesting. In true Richmond fashion, there was graffiti galore! It is, however, very much a death trap if you are not careful! There are multiple floors and when you are on the second floor, you have to be sure that the floors are strong enough not to cave in with your weight. There is broken glass and sharp, jutting objects all over the ground. I should have known better than to think it was a completely open and public building. No, we were probably trespassing. Maybe I just had it in my mind that, if my friends’ professor is willing to take students somewhere during class time, it has to be legit and without a doubt legal, right? At one point during the shoot, John swore he saw a cop on the other side of the building, so we just bolted! Luckily, we were not followed, but ya gotta love that adrenaline pumpin’!

After exploring the building and dodging imaginary police officers, we took a walk on the flood wall next to the building. And yes, it is 100% legal! So we got some really beautiful shots against the sky:)

I have the perfect hat system year-round! Baseball caps in the summer and “peanut” beanies in the winter. I am all set all the time:)


Hair details!


Poor John had to put up with my gawking at how tall he is!
Channeling my inner bird!



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