I admit it, I am pathetic when it comes to Halloween. I have absolutely no excuse either. I am an art student, a fashion design student, a(hopefully everyone here considers me a fashion blogger) fashion blogger. Just an all around fashion lover!!! But at the same time, no one is going to tell me when and what to wear so…sorry that I am just a fashion snob—we can add that to the list. I just feel as though I put more effort than most into what I wear literally every other 364 days! So lazy ole’ me wants a break every now and then.

Oh and another thing about Halloween, particularly the ones on weekdays much like this Monday Halloween, ummmmm…I HAVE WORK? Like, a lot of work. In case anyone thinks colleges let you relax on Halloween—they do not. So tonight is just like every other night in my room, doing homework, and possibly partaking in some mildly scary,  Halloween-themed movies! Aren’t I a fun one to hang out with?

Also, just to be clear, I do not hate Halloween! Once I get more savvy with sewing maybe I will put something together. But for now, everyone is out with no work somehow and I am in my room being bitter…so I am currently in a Halloween Scrooge mood.

Still, I have some more dramatic photos to share!img_3582img_3586

I am a fast food monster!!!

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