I may have a thing for using parking lots as backdrops because this is my second time shooting in one. But when you have that empty space, it is always so tempting and hard to say no.

It is funny to me because my friend, Bailey and I were planning on going to King’s Dominion that day to let loose and ride all the rollercoasters. I am obsessed with rollercoasters, let me tell you. And legit, only Bailey, my friend, Nick, and my family share that rollercoaster love. All of my other friends cannot stomach them! Part of me understands this because my mother, who is the most paranoid woman I know, always likes to tell my brother and me that the people who go into rollercoaster design and construction are the ones who failed engineering. We know that is not true and yet, even if it was, I would still ride them; I really cannot help myself when it comes to rollercoasters. To me, the adrenalin rush and the wind on my face is one of the most therapeutic experiences there is. Anyway, Bailey and I were planning on this for the day because her grandfather gifted her a 2017 pass which means she can get in for free with free parking, and she is allowed to get a certain amount of other tickets for friends at a discounted rate. She really wanted to go for the Halloween promotions they would have. Personally, I am just there for the coasters, I can’t do haunted houses or anything where people are paid to try and jump scare me. But Bailey loves that stuff, so I would try and brave it for her. You see, we had all of this planned out. But then we found out that, while the pass would allow her one free visit in 2016, the benefits did not kick in until 2017.

I was a little bummed since we found that out the day we planned on going. I was all dressed up in my roaming the park outfit. I had my sneakers and baseball cap, tryin’ to look all casual and cute. But alas, t’was not meant to be…yet. But believe me, we are hitting up that park like we have no homework(which we will undoubtedly have) all throughout 2017! So theme park fashion, rollercoaster backdrops, and posing with cotton candy stuffed in my face is well on its way!!!

We still had a fun day driving around though. As a college student, driving around is always a luxury, so I was still very much entertained. Here is what I would have worn at King’s Dominion, instead featured in Bailey’s garage!img_3508img_3505img_3507



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