So my week has been less than satisfactory…

I wasn’t able to put up this week’s Tee-Shirt Tuesday due to massive workloads and a lot of drama. But hopefully, it should be behind me by now—at least until the next wave hits. But I’m generally an optimist aside from my temporary spouts of sadness and anger, as are most, I suspect.

I have sooooooooo many pictures I need to post!!! Let me tell you, they just build up and do not stop. And I am the type of person who needs to plan out everything so I feel as though I cannot post until just the right time. I have learned its a sickness when you start to blog. So, fair warning, I may just be spewing out photos the next couple of days. So either steer clear if you cannot stand my posts, or please, check back in, and I will try not to disappoint:)

As for right now, let me share my school building’s rooftop garden that overlooks the city. I am slightly bummed that, with the coming winter, I will probably be up there less and less to work. But as with all things, like the changing of season, and like my resolve to nourish this blog, it will always be spring again!

For this look, I wore my vintage green button down. This color green only exists in this one top amongst my entire wardrobe. I don’t actually know why though, I love this color! It is so classic yet unique, I think it can be matched with a lot of colors to make it versatile for whatever look you want to achieve. But for this look, I was going for a more preppy style meets A Midsummer Night’s Dream because oh my goodness I am obsessed with that aesthetic!!! img_3427img_3433img_3441


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