*Pats self on back for being so clever and rhyming the title*

I really love culottes! I liked them before they became a trend quite honestly. Not to toot my own horn but its true. If ever there was a garment that expressed my deep love of loose silhouettes and fashionable ease, it would exist in the culotte.

When I was maybe 8 or 9 years old, I remember there being a huge gaucho pant trend. I remember this trend, especially, since I was still taking ballet classes like my mother wanted me to, even though I was a terrible dancer. But everyone wore gaucho pants to the ballet studio because they were like the yoga pants of the mid 2000s. I personally could not really hop on that trend bandwagon because during that time in my life, clothing was not something I invested in(*face palms to where I am now*). Still all of my friends who had parents that could sustain those pre-tween fashion phases were wearing gauchos to dance class. Even though I never partook in that trend, I still really loved it. I think its great that culottes are in today but I have to ask myself what the difference is between the two? I used to think maybe it was that culottes were higher up than gauchos on the leg, but no, they can be knee to mid calf. Now I think it has more to do with the history of each garment that would be the reason. I do not really know for sure! What I do know, be it gaucho, culotte, wide-leg, long-short thingys, they are so cute!

I love this pair, in particular, because they were my mother’s and therefore no one can replicate the way I wear my culottes. I am in the process of trying to look for more basic culottes(mainly blue denim and black pairs) but I really do love the patterned ones just as much or more. Maybe the basic ones remind me too much of the mid-2000s gauchos, but the pattered ones are also just more fun to me. I am not the most confident in my legs so I feel like either they camouflage my legs behind their pattern or people just notice the pattern first and maybe what they are actually laying on after? I also tend to love wearing more high-waisted things anyway so there isn’t much room for a statement top, rather it makes sense to let your pants do the talking.

The long cut of these culottes allows me to do something else as well. With regular shorts, wearing a long coat is more of a commitment and becomes the clear statement of your outfit. It also takes the attention away from what you are wearing underneath the long coat in my opinion. But because the length of the culottes matches that of my long coat, the long coat seems more casual yet still adding that elegance. My outfit therefore has many highlights within it:)

I don’t really know what I’m doing with my hand



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