I really don’t want to go full-on fall mode yet. I love the briskness of the weather and the concept of layering just as much as the next person, but when there is barely a transition into winter, I have a problem. Maybe its not even the weather, it could just be that I’m a wimp. Once I start checking the weather to see it get below 50 degrees, that’s it, game over, my scarves and winter coats are coming out. But see, that would be fine, I have tons of cute winter things. But I overestimated my fortitude for withstanding the weather and didn’t bring my winter clothes with me to school because I thought I would be fine by the time winter break rolled around. I wanted my winter clothes at home because its a fairly long break. And I thought the worst of the weather couldn’t possibly come about until after winter break anyway. But no, if its not complete summer weather, I’m freezing; I just can’t handle it.

Back to the point of this post, I have my cute beanie with my tee this time. And I may every now and then post a graphic sweater—just a heads up! img_0547


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