Hurricame and Keeps Coming Back

It seems to me that, just in the time that I have been back at school, there have been at least three storm related happenings that have prompted concern. The most recent, hurricane Matthew, has me thinking about this transition into fall. I am blessed to inhabit a region that, for the most part, does not get struck too severely by a lot pertaining to the weather. I know, however, that there are many who are not as fortunate and have to endure and adapt to these situations often. While I know there was little to no danger of Matthew making its way to me, we did get a heavy dose of rain and grey skies so I feel it is relevant to showcase my father’s ratty, old sweatshirt.

I’m just joking, its really cute…if not a little depressing. Hurricane Hugo was a fairly devastating hurricane in 1989. My dad had this sweatshirt because he was a reporter working in North Carolina. And I guess NC gets hit with enough hurricanes to know how to handle them. I guess hurricanes are predictable as far as storms go because my dad just loved covering them. So no, he doesn’t just randomly own the world’s saddest sweatshirt!

Its quite cosy in case you can’t tell:)
Looks good tied around the waist too(I hope others appreciate this trend too, because I’m a bit obsessed with it but I know some people think its weird). Also please appreciate my elbow coming straight out at you!











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