Since I’m currently 19 and only going up and up in age, I am well passed my society-deemed time slot allotted for trick-or-treating. It does bum me out to know I will never again engage in the great candy hunt. At my age, I could certainly still put in the effort to find a costume(preferably a handmade and completely original one since I’m both an art student and fashion design student) and maybe walk around my campus, or go to halloween themed parties. I probably will be so inclined to do that at some point. However, where I am right now, as a fashion design student, I do not really have the kind of time or money to get super creative and unique for Halloween.

What I tend to opt for instead of settling for one day to go all out with a costume like everyone else, I’ve always just tried to dress more dramatically. What I mean by this is simply having dramatic silhouettes, whimsical proportions, or fanciful details that maybe most people would not try on a regular basis. Because of my deep love for couture, I’ve often thought, I could just wear some ballgown to a grocery store and be perfectly content. And for this reason, I feel the need for more than one day of crazy, random, unique choices in clothing.

I love when I become a giant blob of a color, and today I am just a black shape 
I was so close to choosing a bow to go in my hair bun, but I’m so glad I decided on the chopsticks instead!

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