When I thrift is when I tend to go a little crazy on all the strange. Oddly enough when I thrifted this time, I found several pairs of pants that I probably would not buy anywhere else or for any other price than $3 a pop. This first pair I loved because, aligning with current trends, I am in deep hunt mode for denim culottes.To satisfy me momentarily, these shorts were perfect. They are the perfect ratio of tight at the waist to flared outwards. Despite the fact that technically they can still be considered shorts since they are too short to be culottes, their woolen composition makes them still fall appropriate. I have probably tried to make this kind of silhouette work for me before with similar shapes, but something about the other ones never looked flattering. However, if they are doing all the right things with their flare, I will never turn down a good flared garment.

I have owned this shirt for a long while and it always looked good as a fall staple. I usually pair this with my black skirt so I can pull off a complete Parisian look. But I wanted to wear my new shorts so badly, so I gave in to styling it now. I think it gives the look a whole other dimension, it still has that feminine touch while also entering into the realm of menswear. And I do love those types of combinations!!!

I hope you can make out the double-legged aspect amongst all the black—they are shorts I swear!!!

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