So I love a good tee with some art slapped on it as much as the next person, but truth be told, I don’t know what to think of this shirt! I have a few shirts like this, where the design is just so obscure that I’m immediately attracted to it. Kind of like an, “its so bad its good” type moment. Sometimes its worth it to get the weirdest design, or weirdest cut in a garment, that you can find. In fact I live by that advice. The weirder the better in the case of how a piece is cut; just give me all the strange. Because those drapes, those details, those designs that are a little more out there are the ones that people notice.

As for this top however, it is strange. It reminded me of something that Banksy would create and I love pairing it with my more turquoise, dark-wash, high-waist jeans. It gives off a very cool vibe because its still loose. The color doesn’t work the best on me but the blue in the design makes up for it.

Gotta love the weird:)

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