Maybe some of my classmates would not enjoy this type of drawing assignment(namely my friend, Allana), but I would have done something similar anyway. Our fashion drawing professor assigned us a project to take photos of ourselves and draw them as though we were drawing fashion coroquis. We could style ourselves however we liked just so long as we thought about how to elongate ourselves and create the most interesting forms. This just gives me an excuse to take more blog and Instagram photos so I am all for this assignment.

This shoot was particularly fun also because I got to go explore with my new fashion friend and the cutest ginger you’ll ever see, Allana. We have been connecting over the fact that, no matter what, without planning, we always seem to dress similarly by color or type. We came into class wearing stripes one day, a turquoise green top and black skinny jeans another; the most specific day was when we wore a sheer white top with the same wash, ripped, boyfriend jeans, and brown, and strappy flats. So Allana and I went out to find fairly neutral backdrops and semi matched in white dresses.

My dress is probably more meant to be large, fancy shirt, but that’s not what I saw. I love me some dramatic, loose silhouettes! The off-white color and tassels gave it a very romantic, Arabian feel to me. Ideally, I probably would have photographed this top somewhere in the desert!

Pics of my final drawing from this shoot to come!

Gotta love the tassels on this dress–so romantic!
Idk why I think the underside of my chin is so flattering. That’s like the first thing they teach you to avoid in portrait photography!
I love having friends who look good in warmer tones because Lord knows I sure don’t. But the pink just worked so well with her perfect red hair and offered a good contrast from the more edgy leather jacket she was wearing.
Decided I needed a change from the white on white, and maybe I should try a side pose this time!
I basically look like I’m wearing a shapeless white rag at this point but I still love this picture with a passion!

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