I am the first one to admit I am not the strongest sewer, or pattern-maker, or anything technical involving even the slightest inkling of math. I draw. I can draw coroquis(fashion illustration) all day, every day. But we had to make a basic straight skirt first from draping, then transferring that drape onto pattern paper, only to then once again transfer it to fabric again. Now we are just starting off with the pattern paper which frankly, is my favorite method.

My hope through these types of posts is more for me to look back on it, read it, and become flushed with embarrassment over how hard I used to think something was, and feel proud over how I can do things that used to take me all night in a few hours, or less if I am lucky. Speaking of which, I am writing this post going into my 48 hour marathon in which I have not slept because I was working of this skirt literally all through the night. But at least I had something to turn in:)

Looking over all of our skirts 

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