I feel like it has been forever since I saw the Maryland state capitol because who has the time to go to Annapolis? However, seeing the Virginia state capitol is simple for me whenever I go back to Richmond. Its funny because there are actually two capitols in Richmond: one for the state of Virginia and one for the Confederacy. I have yet to go to the Confederacy capitol but the state capitol is just a short bus ride away! I love the capitol building because of its beautiful white columns and its set in the prettiest little garden area. It also offers a gorgeous cityscape of downtown Richmond since the capitol is situated on a hill. It is so fun to visit though because, even though its so close to campus, it is far enough away so that it feels like a whole new landscape.

Everyone needs at least one dress that is so light and loose on the body. You can create so many different silhouettes with those dresses just in the different natural movements your body performs. There are those types of dresses that are casual enough to wear during the day but can seamlessly transition into formal wear. There are the perfect summer dress for that perfect summer ease!img_2530Version 2

The columns were so gorgeous


Lemme just twirl!

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