Summer is still leaving so fast and I have too many summery tee-shirts, it’s simply not fair! All the same, I was wearing this tee all summer. I have literally had this shirt for forever—like there are old photos of 6, 7, 8 year-old me wearing this shirt. Which, in itself, is pretty cool! I must have had some concept of style as a child for the fact that I believe it is still relevant with today’s trends. Now, then again, this is just my taste and, who knows, I may have just been living my whole life way off base with fashion. I may be paying thousands of dollars for fashion school without knowing that I might as well be burning that money! Just my opinion, but I think this shirt is still super cute, and probably fits me better now than it once did.

No, I have not been to Puerto Rico, but the design is still so beautiful and creative. You just have to admire those shirts that take something simple like a location or an event and communicate them through beautiful, artistic designs. I also love how this tee twists the concept of a classic tee and adds the fringe detail on the sleeves. I think it just adds to the beach vide of this shirt. And that was a big point of location with this shirt. I would wear it as a semi coverup and look like a sleek surfer with just the top and my swim suit bottoms. But it also looked so good with a good pair of denim shorts and awesome shades!img_1984


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